Pure Points FAQ

What is the Pure Points programme?

Our Pure Points programme is Pure Dance’s loyalty scheme. We reward online purchases with points. $1 spent = 1 point earned. Once you’ve accrued 300 points you automatically receive a $30 coupon to be redeemed online at www.puredance.co.nz

What can I spend my Pure Points coupon on?

Absolutely anything on our website.
Do I earn points on shipping & GST?

We don’t ‘markup’ the courier fees, we charge only what we are charged by courier companies, so we are unable to award Pure Points to your shipping fee.
Yes, you earn Pure Points on the GST inclusive price – wahoo!
I’m a valued ‘in-store’ Pure Dance customer, can I collect points too?

We appreciate each and every customer but the Pure Points programme is only applicable to purchases and redemptions online.
I’ve placed a few orders through the Pure Dance website but don’t think I’ve got the right about of Pure Points.

We launched the Pure Points programme in December 2023. Any orders placed before that date won’t have been eligible for loyalty. If you have made orders after that date but still don’t see your points, make sure you’re a registered member of our website. Do this by creating an account with us at https://puredance.co.nz/account/register and ensuring you have ‘opted in.’
The good news is that even if you didn’t create an account for your previous orders, your points will be sitting waiting for you. Just make sure you create your account using the same email address as your previous order and the loyalty system will automatically find you. Happy Dancing!
If you have any questions about Pure Points please email us at sales@puredance.co.nz, we’re happy to help.